2015-09-29 20:42:19 by Anim3xl0v3r

So I get sudden depression that really has no trigger.. This week I got one of those sudden attacks.. So I haven't really drawn anything.... But I felt the need to draw a quick little thing to let anyone else who may be going through it to that you're not weak if you have depression. <3


Autumn is Here

2015-09-11 16:50:47 by Anim3xl0v3r


Yay for me.. Autumn is here! Time for sweaters, boots, scarfs, and hipster hats... Let's not forget colds!!!! </3 lucky me gets a cold BLAH so my drawing motivation is very low right now xP

I'm Back and Ready to Rumble!!!

2015-08-28 19:43:32 by Anim3xl0v3r

So I am back, my lovelies~

I've had to take off due to college and mama drama, but now that it's out of the way I have come back with new art (and art styles) to show you guys! <3 I hope I've improved and that I'll get tips on how I can improve more!!!


Luv you all! <3

Drawing Tablet Activated *BOOP*

2015-03-21 01:27:33 by Anim3xl0v3r

I GOT A DRAWING TABLET!! Now even my doodles look fancy!! YAY~!!

I still need to get used to drawing on a tablet--- so many cool things, so little time!!!

I posted one picture I finished on it-- the rest are simple doodles to help me get used to my new friend.



2014-04-05 02:12:01 by Anim3xl0v3r

Sorry, Sorry..

 I'll try to be on more, but the grown-up stuff is being meanies!! :( I have new art. I'll try to get it up and posted more often. And (When I have to inspiration and time to draw) I'll try to post more art.... :P

News!!! (( READ IT )) :O

2012-07-23 11:00:24 by Anim3xl0v3r

Hey!! (( just figured out how to put up news stuff!! ))
But sadly I have to put news up to inform you I can't put up any pictures for 2 weeks.
Leaving to TX to visit my mom. No printer or scanner...
I'll put some up as soon as I get back though!!!
Love you All!!
<3- Lizzie