Entry #6


2015-09-29 20:42:19 by Anim3xl0v3r

So I get sudden depression that really has no trigger.. This week I got one of those sudden attacks.. So I haven't really drawn anything.... But I felt the need to draw a quick little thing to let anyone else who may be going through it to that you're not weak if you have depression. <3



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2015-09-29 20:45:07

Absolutely beautiful, emotional piece. This really resonates with me and I hope it resonates with others who struggle with depression. Hang in there ♡

Anim3xl0v3r responds:

My hope is that my art can help with these kinds of things, so I'm somewhat there when I see reassuring comments like this!!

Thank you♥ you all are such dolls~


2015-09-29 22:54:44

I experience similar issues, where some days I'm super productive and other days I just can't have a single positive thought. And I don't know, I don't think I feel bad about being weak in those moments, but what gets me, is that I don't have anyone to lend me some strength. But oh well, I guess at least art is a common friend I could rely on ñ_ñ

Anim3xl0v3r responds:

I'm glad my art is reaching out like this! That's my main reason for drawing, and even if it gives only a few people a little bit of reassurance than it's the greatest feat on my part.
Art is the best of friends when done right. It's quite and shows more understanding that most people. I hope you and I both can get through those evil attacks of random depression.
"Fuck the system" lol ♥


2015-10-01 14:34:04

your artwork is amazing oh my god, and I go through the same thing sometimes. i'm here for you and so are many others on this site <3

Anim3xl0v3r responds:

OML, Thank you♥ ;u; such nice things said~!